Selon quelles conditions le bonus de négociation est accordé?
Que signifie «3 premiers risques sans métiers»?

En cas de résultat négatif, les opérations sans risque sont rémunérées sous forme de bonus de négociation sur la base de règles de bonus. Pour utiliser ce service, vous devez contacter votre responsable de compte et obtenir une confirmation préalable.

How can I fund my trading account?
How quickly the funds will be added to my trading account?
What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
What are the conditions for withdrawals?
How quickly my withdrawal request is processed?
How can I cancel a withdrawal?
Does Daxbase withhold a tax from payouts?
How can I close my Daxbase Account?

Please email at [email protected] to request closing of your account. You will receive a confirmation when this request will be completed.

What is CFD?
Do I have to download any software for trading?

There is no need to download something before you can start trading with Daxbase. All you need to do is register and deposit funds into your account and you’ll be ready to start trading CFDs.

What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 100$ (or €), and the maximum - 50000$ (or €).

Is there a registration fee?

No, it is free to open an account with Daxbase.

How can I register?

To register go to ‘Open an Account’ and enter the required information. Please make sure the data you submit is correct and up to date. In the future it will simplifies withdrawal process.

I couldn't find the answer to my question in FAQ.
How secure is trading with Daxbase?

Daxbase uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt your transactions and keep your personal information as secure as possible. This automated technology is used by major banks and other financial companies who have information on the web. Most browsers support SSL encryption, however, if for any reason your browser is not able to support the technology, you will receive an instant notification. You can verify whether web page is SSL compliant by checking the address. It should start with "https://..." - the "s" stands for "secure".

Where can I view my trading history?

To view a full statement of all your trades, as well as your deposits and withdrawals history, please go to "Statements" under your login.

Where can I see the trading hours for each asset?

The trading hours for each asset can be found in the "Trading Assets" section

What time base is used by the platform?
What do the different colours on the rates mean?

Green indicates rate's increase comparing with previous time period. Red indicates rate's decrease comparing with previous time period.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount per trade?

The minimum bet amount on Daxbase platform is 0.1$ (or €), and the maximum - 3000$ (or €)

Why sometimes I can't make a trade?
What is the base account currency I can use for trading?

You can choose US Dollars (USD/$) or Euros (EUR/€), as your base account currency. All deposits and trading results will be calculated in a base currency.

CFD trading vs. traditional trading

CFDs are a new and exciting way to trade financial markets which differ from traditional financial options. Whereas traditional financial options normally have a long expiry period, CFDs from Daxbase offer a short term range of expiration (from 24 hours to 60 seconds). Traditional financial options tend to offer wildly changing returns from investment, and are complex to trade successfully. CFDs, in contrast, offer fixed return and are simple for understanding.